Create Ai Animations From Existing Videos With Gen-1

Creating Ai Animations From Existing Videos is now the easiest and fastest way to make your own animations from existing videos. 

Create Ai Animations From Existing Videos With Gen-1
Create Ai Animations From Existing Videos With Gen-1

AI generated video With Gen 1

This new generative video AI tool from RunwayML lets you stylize videos using text or image prompts

Now AI generated video solutions have been around for a while, but Gen 1 is way better at sticking to prompts and staying consistent.

Creating Your Own Ai Animations with Gen 1

Ai Animation has long been the domain of professional studios and graphic designers, with costly software and high-end hardware needed to produce anything even remotely decent. 

Ai Animations with Gen 1
Ai Animations with Gen 1

However, with the emergence of new AI tools such as Gen 1 from RunwayML, the landscape of animation is changing rapidly. 

Gen 1 is a generative video AI tool that enables creators to quickly and easily stylize videos using an image or text-based prompts.

Gen-1 For Ai Video 

Gen-1 is a major breakthrough in ai animation technology, as it is capable of synthesizing ai video footage based on a text or image prompt. This means that you can turn random objects into fully stylized and animated scenes, or make your untextured 3D renders look realistic. 

Moreover, Gen 1 can transfer the style of any image or text prompt to every single frame of your video. 

gen-1 ai download

At the moment, gen-1 is only available to a select few creators and artists who have been invited to provide feedback to the Runway team. However, anyone can apply for access to the Runway website. 

Once you are granted access, you will be able to upload a video of your choice along with a text or image prompt to achieve your desired style. 

How to use Gen-1

When selecting an image prompt, it is best to use something with similar elements to your original video, such as :

  • faces.
  • vehicles. 
  • buildings. 
  • other objects. 
An effective approach is to use an image generator AI such as MidJourney to create image prompts. This process has been working great for many users and has been found to provide the best results when used with Gen 1. 

Gen1 AI Tools For Ai Video

In addition to Gen1, there are many other AI tools available for video and audio production. If you are interested in getting creative with AI, there are several tutorials available on how to use Gen 1, as well as a full video tutorial on the best AI tools available and how to utilize them in a creative manner. 

take your animations to the next level With Gen-2

With the increasing availability of powerful and easy-to-use AI tools, animation is becoming more accessible than ever before. So if you are looking to take your animations to the next level, then Gen 1 from RunwayML is an excellent tool to start with.

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